TradeSparky Tips: Our Guide to Getting Started with Social Media for Electricians

TradeSparky Tips: Our Guide to Getting Started with Social Media for Electricians
07 Jun 2019 1:52 PM

As we all know, social media is now linked to so much of what we do. Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook play a big role in our work and social lives! Though we might all have different opinions about social media, it can be very useful for business and promoting a brand – including for electricians and tradespeople! For this week’s blog post, we thought we’d gather a few beginner’s tips for our readers on how to best use social media to promote your trade.


It might seem obvious, but knowing which Twitter or Instagram hashtags are going to get your posts the most views can be very helpful in spreading the word about your trade. There are various websites out there with generators that will tell you the most used hashtags for what it is you’re posting about! A quick search through Google will find you heaps of results for programs to help you get the most out of your hashtagging.

Show off good feedback

If your clients are satisfied with your work and have something good to say about it, if they’re happy to let you do so, share the feedback on your social media! Facebook has a section where people are able to leave a review if they fancy, so if you have a business page set up encourage happy clients to give you feedback there!

Join an electrician’s group

Joining a discussion group on Facebook can be a great way to find out information from other tradespeople and grow your contacts and friends in the industry! We even have our own TradeSparky discussion group on our Facebook page, head over to our website to find out more!

Try using LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be helpful for gaining contacts and promoting yourself as a professional, experienced tradesperson. LinkedIn is a great way to promote your work experience and find people looking for your trade, and can help you build contacts in your field! Always use a professional photo to promote yourself, and the rest should come naturally – LinkedIn’s website will give you pointers on what you need to do, how to best build your profile, etc.

These are just a few beginner’s tips, but social media can be difficult to wrap your head around so it always helps to have a starting point. Do you have any useful tricks that you use to promote your work as an electrician? Leave a comment in the section below!

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