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EV Ultra Cable

The EV Ultra Cable is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This marks a significant advancement in the technology used for installing electric vehicle charge points.

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The EV Ultra Cable is a groundbreaking innovation in the field of electric vehicle charging infrastructure. This marks a significant advancement in the technology used for installing electric vehicle charge points.

Engineers masterfully engineered this cable to address the dual requirements of power and data transmission. This is essential for the operation of EV charge points. With its unique design and features, the EV Ultra Cable is setting new standards in the industry.

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EV Ultra Design and Features

The double sheathed design for extra protection of the EV Ultra Cable distinguishes it. This design provides enhanced durability for indoor, outdoor, and routine usage.

This robust construction encapsulates both power conductors and a 2-core screened data cable, ensuring both efficient power delivery and reliable data communication. This integrated approach provides a comprehensive solution for installers. It does this by streamlining the installation process and ensuring a neat and efficient setup.

Smart Features of the EV Ultra Cable

The integration of smart technology is another groundbreaking aspect of the EV Ultra Cable. EV Ultra Cables have communication capabilities allowing them to interact with the vehicle and the charging station. This feature enables real-time monitoring of the charging process. It also allows for adjusting the charge flow to enhance battery health and charging speed.

Smart cables can provide users with detailed information about the charging session. This includes time, cost, and energy consumption, through connected apps.

Variations and Applications

Ev Ultra Cable are available in both 3-core and 5-core variants. The EV Ultra Cable caters to a wide range of EV charge points, allowing for both single and three-phase systems.

Suitable for various environments including:

  • Laid in air
  • Clipped to surfaces/Air clipped to surface
  • Mounted on cable tray ladder work/surface on cable tray/ladder work and embedded
  • Embedded in concrete/laid direct in the ground

Ev Ultra Cable 6mm

Ev Ultra Cable 4mm

BASEC Approval and Safety Standards

The EV Ultra Cable has full third-party accreditation from BASEC (British Approvals Service for Cables). This accreditation is crucial as BS7671 states the responsibility for safety rests with the installer and/or manufacturer. This offers a reliable and trusted benchmark of quality and safety.

Performance and Quality Assurance

The EV ultra cable have reportedly exceeded all expectations according to the BASEC Data laboratory. It has achieved this highly regarded recognition for its performance and data properties.

This testament to the cable's quality is a credit to the rigorous research and development efforts behind its creation. The BASEC accreditation process has not only validated the cable's quality but also added value to it. This makes it a preferred choice for installers who seek to demonstrate quality and conformity in their installations.

EV Ultra CarbonTek Technology

The EV Ultra Cable incorporates the innovative CarbonTek technology. This is a newly developed compound that enhances the cable's performance and ease of installation.

CarbonTek provides the cable with high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, thermal stability, and UV stability. Moreover, it makes the cable ultra-flexible and easier to strip, significantly improving the installation experience. This technology has been well-received by installers. The positive feedback regarding its ease of use and installation efficiency highly evidences this.


Environmental Considerations

From an environmental standpoint, the EV Ultra Cable's efficiency contributes to reducing the overall carbon footprint of electric vehicles. Faster and more efficient charging reduces wasted energy. This is crucial for maximising the environmental benefits of switching to electric vehicles.

Doncaster Cables

Doncaster Cables lead the way in cable manufacturing. Demonstrating their commitment to enhancing the UK's EV infrastructure, Doncaster Cables has upgraded the installation process with EV-Ultra®.

This advanced cable uniquely combines power conductors and data lines in one, speeding up and simplifying installations. This design innovation significantly contributes to the UK's shift towards more electric vehicle usage, aligning with sustainable transportation initiatives.