Electrak is a company of Legrand. They make power distribution and lighting control solutions. They have powertrack systems, floor boxes, grommets, desk modules and lighting control ranges. You can find their products in high-end offices all over the world.

Legrand Electrak

Electrak from Legrand is a good choice for power distribution and lighting control solutions. They have many products including Electrak floor boxes, Electrak powertrack systems, Electrak Intersoc modules and Electrak busbar systems. They focus on innovation and quality to make sure their products are always the best.

Electrak is known for its high-quality products that provide reliable power distribution and lighting control solutions for commercial environments. Their wide range of products includes everything from powertrack systems to floor boxes to busbar systems. This means that no matter what your needs are, Electrak has a solution that will work for you.

Electrak is a prominent brand in the field of power distribution and lighting control solutions. Their products, including powertrack systems, floor boxes, grommets, desk modules and lighting control ranges, are used in high-end offices worldwide.

Electrak Powertrack

Powertrack and busbar are both systems for distributing electricity. Powertrack, also known as underfloor busbar, is a type of busbar that is installed within raised access floors to supply power to floor boxes beneath desks and workstations.

Electrak powertrack is designed for use in cavity floor installations. It has minimal parts and is easy to install with its push-fit assembly. It also has a range of complementary floor boxes and grommets and can be reconfigured as office layouts change.

One of the key features of the Electrak powertrack system is its use of access grommets. These grommets serve as gateways for power to be delivered directly to workstations. This allows for a more efficient and organized distribution of power throughout the office space.

The Electrak powertrack system has both practical and aesthetic benefits. It provides power through the floor, so there are no cords or wires on walls or ceilings. This results in a cleaner and more streamlined appearance for the office space.


Electrak Floor Boxes

Electrak Legrand offers a versatile range of floor boxes for office installations. These boxes come in 2 compartment floor box, 3 compartment floor box, and 4 compartment floor box options. These can be either pre-wired with powertrack tap-off or supplied empty. The floor boxes also include slab floor boxes and screed floor boxes.

They also offer a choice of single or separate compartment bases and three depth options with cable management. They are essentially floor boxes for power and data feeds and usually manufactured from galvanised steel.

These floor boxes can be customized with power and data plates to meet the specific needs of office installations. This allows for a high degree of flexibility in meeting the power distribution requirements of modern office spaces.

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Electrak Grommets

Electrak Legrand offers a selection of floor grommets that provide an efficient solution for connecting underfloor power and desk power systems. These grommets come in various sizes and are precision engineered from durable ABS material. They are available in grey, with other colors available upon request.

Installation of these grommets is quick and easy. They can be secured in place by pushing down the spring-loaded screws and rotating them a quarter turn. Electrak Legrand floor grommets are recommended for use in light traffic areas. They should not be placed in walkways or under heavy loads.


Electrak Intersoc-R

Intersoc-R is a modular desk power system from Electrak Legrand. It is designed to meet the needs of modern workplaces for fast and adaptable power distribution solutions. Intersoc-R allows for a wide range of combinations to be made. It does this by providing solutions for every installation requirement with its modular design.

Intersoc-R is available in standard and clean earth versions and offers both fixed and rotatable socket options. This allows for a high degree of flexibility in meeting the power distribution needs of modern office spaces.


Electrak Plugs

Electrak plugs by Legrand are part of a system that lets you connect your electrical devices to power sources. Electrak plugs are designed to be used with powertracks, floor boxes, grommets, and desk modules.

Electrak plugs by Legrand have different shapes, sizes, and colours for different purposes and tasks. Some of them have extra features for safety, such as fuses, switches, or shutters. Some Electrak plugs are non-standard and have unique plugs preventing unauthorised disconnection or use of equipment.

Electrak plugs by Legrand are simple to set up, move around, and change if you need to. They can also work with lighting control systems that let you control and save energy on your lights.

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History of Electrak by Legrand

The Electrak line was first introduced by Legrand in 1968, following the acquisition of Electrium, a UK-based electrical equipment manufacturer. The initial Electrak products included busbar trunking systems, lighting control systems, and modular wiring systems for commercial and industrial buildings.

Over the years, Legrand has continued to expand the Electrak product line. They have done this by developing new technologies and features to meet evolving market demands. Today, the product line includes a wide range of electrical solutions. These include floor boxes, power distribution units, underfloor busbar systems, lighting management systems, and cable management solutions.

One of the key features of Electrak products is their modular design. This allows for easy installation, configuration, and customization to suit specific building requirements. Electrak products incorporate advanced energy-saving features such as occupancy sensing and daylight harvesting. This is to help reduce energy consumption and lower building operating costs.

Legrand has also focused on developing digital technologies into the Electrak product line. These include IoT connections, cloud-based analytics, and mobile app control. This has enabled building managers to remotely monitor and control their electrical systems, improving efficiency and reducing maintenance costs.

Electrak is a leading brand in the electrical installation equipment market. They have a global presence in over 90 countries. They have achieved this with a reputation for high-quality, innovative solutions that meet the needs of modern buildings.