Schneider Electric Control & Auto
Crabtree Electrical Industries Ltd
IMO Precision Controls Ltd.
ABB Limited
Europa Components Plc
Eaton - Moeller
20A 220V DC
9A 24V DC
12A 24V DC
110V DC
50A 230V 50/60Hz
50A 240V 50/60Hz
50A 24V 50/60Hz
50A 24V DC
50A 110V 50/60Hz
65A 24V 50/60Hz
65A 24V DC
65A 110V 50/60Hz
65A 415V 50/60Hz
65A 230V 50/60Hz
65A 240V 50/60Hz
25A 24V DC
18A 24V DC
230V 50Hz
7.5kW 240V
20A 230V
25A 230V AC
25A 400V AC
32A 230V AC
32A 400V AC
50A 230V AC
50A 400V AC
80A 230V AC
80A 400V AC
110A 230V AC
20A 240V AC
25A 240V AC
40A 240V AC
24V DC
230V 50/60Hz
110V 50/60Hz
9A 24V 50/60Hz
9A 24V
12A 12V
24V 50/60Hz
48V 50/60Hz
415V 50/60Hz
25A 220V 50/60Hz
25A 230V 50/60Hz
40A 230V 50/60Hz
12A 24V 50/60Hz
9A 230/240V 50/60Hz
25A 415V 50/60Hz
25A 240V 50/60Hz
32A 240V 50/60Hz
12A 24V
240V 50Hz
12A 110V 50/60Hz
12A 230/40V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz
9A 240V 50/60Hz
12A 415V 50/60Hz
12A 380V 50/60Hz
12A 240V 50/60Hz
18A 24V 50/60Hz
18A 48V 50/60Hz
18A 48V DC
18A 110V 50/60Hz
18A 415V 50/60Hz
18A 230V 50/60Hz
18A 240V 50/60Hz
25A 24V 50/60Hz
25A 110V 50/60Hz
25A 12V DC
9A 230V 50/60Hz
24V 50Hz
25A 220/240V 50Hz
20A 240V 50/60Hz
48V DC
9A 12V DC
20A 110V 50/60Hz
40A 24V DC
40A 110V 50/60Hz
40A 240V 50/60Hz
6A 110V 50/60Hz
9A 48V 50/60Hz
9A 110V 50/60Hz
6A 230/240V 50/60Hz
6A 24V
25A 230V
380V 50/60Hz
9A 415V 50/60Hz
240V 50/60Hz 27mm
40A 24V 50/60Hz
40A 415V 50/60Hz
50A 415V 50/60Hz
230/240V 50/60Hz
230/240V 50Hz
20A 230V 50/60Hz
6A 400/415V 50/60Hz
16A 220/240V 50Hz
12A 400/415V 50/60Hz
20A 24V 50/60Hz
115A 110V 50/60Hz
115A 240V 50/60Hz
115A 24V 50/60Hz
32A 24V 50/60Hz
32A 110V 50/60Hz
40A 230V
12A 400V AC
6A 24V AC
400V 50Hz
110V 50Hz/120V 60Hz
230V 50Hz/240V 60Hz
220V 50Hz/240V 60Hz
400V 50Hz/440V 60Hz
24-27V DC
200-240V DC
18A 9kW 230V
12A 5.5kW 415V
12A 5.5kW 230V
25A 11kW 415V
25A 11kW 230V
0 300

Contactors - Motor Switching

Choose from a varied range of motor switching contactors here at TradeSparky. With free deliveries over £50, we can help you to complete your project quicker.

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£ 19 .37 ex VAT
£ 23 .24 inc VAT
£ 16 .77 ex VAT
£ 20 .12 inc VAT
£ 35 .71 ex VAT
£ 42 .85 inc VAT
£ 13 .43 ex VAT
£ 16 .11 inc VAT
£ 13 .43 ex VAT
£ 16 .11 inc VAT
£ 22 .87 ex VAT
£ 27 .45 inc VAT
£ 22 .87 ex VAT
£ 27 .45 inc VAT
£ 14 .70 ex VAT
£ 17 .64 inc VAT
Catalogue Code: 1SBL181501R8800
£ 53 .06 ex VAT
£ 63 .67 inc VAT
£ 26 .21 ex VAT
£ 31 .46 inc VAT
Catalogue Code: 1SBL181001R8810
£ 45 .06 ex VAT
£ 54 .07 inc VAT
£ 40 .17 ex VAT
£ 48 .20 inc VAT
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