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Schneider Electric Comm Circ Prot
Schneider Electric Enrgy Efficiency


Introducing the new Schneider Electric PowerTag range: this powerful wireless energy sensor is designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets, making it the electricity monitor of choice for tradespeople.

TradeSparky is one of the few privileged suppliers to offer these innovative products including the A9MEM1520, A9XMWA20 and the A9MEM1540 electricity energy meters. The PowerTag is built to easily connect to a miniature circuit breaker to add connectivity, making it the most reliable electrical power meter available with precise, real-time data.

Designed for any type of building, the PowerTag electric energy meter range easily monitors and measures currents, voltages, power, power factor and energy, leading to higher reliability and efficiency of the electrical installation. Order yours today for free UK delivery or get in touch with the TradeSparky team to find out more.

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