Schneider Electric A9MEM1520 Energy Sensor 63A

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The Schneider A9MEM1520 is a 1P, maximum 63A PowerTag energy sensor.

Real-time health-monitoring of your strategic assets

With PowerTag, one simple action goes a long way. Building operators and facility managers can monitor the health and uptime of their facilities in real time, by proactively managing energy usage and securing critical loads.

PowerTag provides highly detailed information on a building’s electrical consumption and loads – current, voltage, power, overloads, unbalanced phases, and more.

Its innovative technology enables detection and notification of potential problems before they occur, so building operators can keep their buildings running at peak performance.

A scalable, compact design

With PowerTag, you can add innovation to any project with one simple action. Even in panels where space is at a premium, it is easy to tag new or existing circuit breakers to help customers reduce costs and improve efficiency.

PowerTag can wirelessly send rich and accurate data via Acti9™ Smartlink. Integrating seamlessly into all building management systems, optimizing energy efficiency. And wireless circuit breaker tagging lets you measure and control multiple loads, offering real-time problem detection.

Tag your existing or new breakers

Small in size but large in impact, PowerTag wireless sensors accurately monitor energy consumption in real time for small buildings to large facilities.
Use energy more efficiently and economically on all electrical loads, from IT and HVAC to machines, pumps and process equipment. PowerTag sensors are compact and easy to install on existing or new panel boards.

Tag and monitor loads for:
• Precise, real-time data on energy, currents, power, voltage, and power factor
• Accurate active energy (class 1)
• Partial and complete monitoring
• Check phase load unbalance

Tag and secure assets:
• Pre-alarm notification in the event of overload
• Alarms for voltage loss and overload-on-trip
• Immediate, automated email notifications
• Adaptable for use in building systems and EcoStruxure™ Facility Expert (formerly known as Facility Hero) application

PowerTags are energy sensor modules for 1P, 1P+N, 3P and 3P+N networks. They are mounted directly on equipment of the Acti9 or Multi9 range at intervals of 18 mm up to 63 A. Functions Combined with Acti9 Smartlink SI B (Ethernet) or Acti9 Smartlink SI D (Ethernet) by radio-frequency communication, PowerTag sensors measure the following values in accordance with the IEC 61557-12 standard.

- Cumulative active energy, total and partial (kWh).

- Rms values: v phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltages (V),

- Currents per phase (A),

- Total active power and active power per phase (W),

- Power factor.

Installed upstream or downstream of a protective device, they measure useful data for diagnosis of the associated circuit.


- Recognition of the device in the Acti 9 Smart Test configuration software: the product flashes in the switchboard during configuration for easy recognition.

- Addition of context-related information to Acti 9 Smart Test (name of the load, energy usage, single-line circuit label).

- Partial energy counter can be reset or preset to a special value via the software.

Integration in Acti9 Smartlink

- Use of a wireless concentrator to report data:

- Acti9 Smartlink SI B (Ethernet) for a complete metering, monitoring and control solution,

- Acti9 Smartlink SI D (Ethernet) for a metering and monitoring solution only.

- Native display, in Smartlink's embedded web pages, of the quantities measured by the PowerTag sensors.

- Load monitoring v alarm sent by the sensor in the event of a voltage loss, v pre-alarms on predefined thresholds (50 %, 80 %) or customized thresholds (thresholds on currents, power, voltages and cumulative energies).

- Alarm management on current/voltage/load level thresholds by e-mail. b Display of alarms and pre-alarms on Smartlink embedded web pages. b Easy integration into system with Com'X200, Com'X 510 and other Schneider Electric software and third-party Building Management Systems (BMS's) thanks to the Acti 9 Smart Test report in Excel format. This report provides dynamically all the Modbus registers, including bits and meanings associated, for an easy integration into the software.

- Remote metering possible using the Smartlink monitoring page.

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Manufacturer Schneider Electric Comm Circ Prot
Brand Acti9

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