Discover the unparalleled combination of cutting-edge technology and exceptional comfort with Dimplex. Esteemed globally for their electric heating and ventilation solutions, Dimplex specializes in products that are engineered to transform your living spaces into areas of optimal warmth and relaxation, enhancing both functionality and ambiance.

Industry leading Dimplex Heaters

Dimplex stands at the forefront of delivering sustainable and cutting-edge electric heating solutions. Dedicated to advancing decarbonisation technologies, the company empowers homeowners to make eco-friendly decisions. Centered on energy efficiency, Dimplex strives to revolutionise how individuals engage with their living environments, fostering a more sustainable and greener future for everyone.

For over seven decades, Dimplex has been synonymous with trust and excellence in the field of electric heating. Dimplex continues to innovate and produce an extensive range of energy-efficient electric heating appliances and systems. It boasts a diverse portfolio that includes over 700 products maintaining its position as a market leader.

Dimplex Alta Panel Heaters

Dimplex - Alta Panels.jpg

Dimplex designed the Alta series for modern efficiency and ease of use. These dimplex panel heaters often feature sleek designs, making them a fit for contemporary home decor.

Their advanced thermostatic controls have gained them recognition allowing for precise temperature regulation. Energy efficiency is a key aspect of the Alta series, making them a popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Dimplex Quantum Storage Heaters

Dimplex - Quantum.jpg

Dimplex Quantum represents a line of advanced Dimplex storage heaters.

These heaters have gained recognition for their intelligent heat management capabilities. Their unique and patented build helps in reducing energy consumption.

Dimplex radiators are praised for their ability to retain heat for long periods, and then releasing it as needed. This series is ideal for those looking to balance comfort with energy efficiency in colder climates.

Dimplex Qrad Heaters

Dimplex - Qrad.jpg

The Qrad series from Dimplex focuses on combining the traditional radiator design with modern heating technology. These radiators have a reputation for their quick heating capability, which makes them suitable for rapid warm-up needs.

The Qrad models also incorporate smart features like programmable timers and adaptive start technology, enhancing user convenience and energy efficiency.

Dimplex XLE Heaters

Dimplex - XLE.jpg

In the XLE series, Dimplex offers a range of slimline electric storage heaters. These heaters, designed with a sleek profile, fit seamlessly into various room aesthetics.

The XLE series stands out for its low running costs and eco-friendly operation. They include programmable timers and fan-assisted heat distribution. This makes these heaters a versatile choice for residential heating.

Dimplex PLX Heaters

Dimplex - PLXE(1).jpg

Dimplex designs its PLX models as versatile and easy-to-install panel heaters. These space-efficient heaters work well in various settings, from homes to offices.

The Dimplex Wall heater PLX series features adjustable thermostats and optional timers, allowing flexible heating control. Their simplicity and effectiveness make them a popular choice for supplemental heating needs.

Dimplex - Technology and research.jpg

Dimplex has established itself as a leader in the electric heating and renewable energy industry. This is possible by its persistent focus on technology and research. The company in-grains its commitment to innovation in its corporate ethos and its operation model.

Energy Efficiency and Compliance

Patents and Intellectual Property

Energy efficiency is a key focus area for Dimplex electric heaters. Its research teams work tirelessly to ensure that all products meet and exceed industry standards for energy consumption.

This commitment is crucial in an era where consumers and regulatory bodies increasingly focus on reducing energy usage. Dimplex's products often receive recognition for their compliance with various environmental and energy efficiency standards.

Dimplex holds several patents, underlining its commitment to innovation. These patents cover a range of technologies. Tis ranges from the core elements of electric heating systems, to user interface designs.

These advancements aim to enhance customer interaction with their products. Dimplex's intellectual property portfolio testifies to its ongoing investment in research and development.

Innovative Dimplex Heating Technologies

Future-Focused Research

Dimplex has developed unique methods to optimise energy consumption while maximising heat output. Their products have smart technologies that adjust heating based on real-time factors and user preferences. This adaptability ensures both comfort and energy efficiency.

Dimplex's research and development efforts focus on refining existing technologies and exploring new frontiers in heating and energy. These include research into IoT (Internet of Things) integrations, AI-based predictive maintenance, and exploring the potential of new materials and designs that could revolutionise the industry.

Technology and Research at Dimplex

Collaborations and Industry Partnerships

Dimplex has developed unique methods to optimise energy consumption while maximising heat output. Their products have smart technologies that adjust heating based on real-time factors and user preferences. This adaptability ensures both comfort and energy efficiency.

Dimplex actively collaborates with academic institutions, industry bodies, and other corporations to drive innovation. These partnerships enable knowledge sharing, resource pooling, and staying ahead of industry trends. Through these collaborations, Dimplex gains insights into emerging technologies and market needs, helping them adapt and innovate effectively.

Dimplex - History of Dimplex.jpg

Established in 1973, Dimplex began its journey as an innovator in electric heating. They quickly gained recognition for its electric fireplaces. These offered a convenient and safe alternative to traditional wood or gas fireplaces.

Dimplex expanded its product range over the years to include a variety of heating products. These includes storage heaters, portable heaters, and air curtains, marking its growth and product offerings.

The expansion of Dimplex was not just in its product range but also global positioning. The brand established a global presence, becoming a household name in numerous countries and synonymous with quality and innovation.