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1000W 230-240V 400x725x90mm
1500W 230-240V 400x1025x90mm
2000W 230-240V 400x1125x90mm
500W 230-240V 400x525x90mm
750W 230-240V 400x625x90mm

Dimplex Alta - The Smart Wifi Heater

The Dimplex Alta Panels provide a convenient solution for those seeking full remote control of their space's comfort.

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Dimplex Alta Panel Heater

These panels have h built-in Wi-Fi and are fully compatible with the Capa Connect APP. This allows you to seamlessly connect them to your internet and take complete control using your Smartphone or Tablet. No separate hub or additional accessories are necessary. Plus, these panels receive over-the-air updates to ensure you always have the latest software.

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Sleek and Aesthetically Pleasing Design

The Alta panels boast an aesthetically pleasing Scandinavian-inspired design.

These devices have a slim design and are only 9cm from the wall. They have a minimalist design that compliment any environment with smooth and clean edges.

This range presents a cutting-edge heating solution for your home or office. This new Dimplex heater includes the latest features and technology found in the market, building on previous models.

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Efficient Heating and User-Friendly Controls

The top-facing grille design ensures efficient and natural heat delivery while maximising comfort in your space. These panels feature a digitally controlled and accurate electronic thermostat to help maintain your desired temperature.

They also come with a 7-day programmable user timer. This offers seven time periods a day and five built-in pre-set modes: Normal (Timer), Comfort, Eco, Away, and Off.

This level of flexibility puts you in control. Additionally, the Alta series comes with a 2-Year Guarantee as standard. You also have the option to extend it by an additional 3 years through online registration.

Efficiency and Cost Savings

The Dimplex Alta DTD2R12 1.25kW low-profile Wi-Fi panel heater. Its design ensures efficiency and cost savings.

Precise Temperature Control

It features an accurate thermostat, ensuring that your space remains at your desired temperature, reducing unnecessary energy consumption.

Smart Energy Usage

The Alta goes a step further with its intelligent features. Adaptive Start learns from your heating patterns. This allows it to preheat your space to match your needs, saving energy by avoiding excessive heating.

Minimal Standby Power

One standout feature is its industry-leading low standby power consumption. This means that it's consuming minimal energy when on stand-by, helping you save on electricity bills.

Optimised Heat Circulation

The air discharge design at the top of the heater enhances heat circulation. This ensures that the heat emitter distributes heat throughout the room more efficiently.

This design improves comfort whilst also maximises energy usage. This contributes to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating solution. Combine this with remote control, smart learning technology, and automatic and personalised settings, your home is set to be at the perfect temperature.

Your Safety

At the core of the design, safety takes precedence. This radiator comes fortified with essential safety features. These include IP24 rated protection, a thermal cut-out mechanism, and auto-reset functionality, ensuring your peace of mind.

Its robust epoxy-polyester powder-coated steel casing, coupled with a slotted upward-facing grille, guarantees durability. It also facilitates efficient heat transfer, making it a reliable and secure heating solution for your space.

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Dimplex Alta Wifi Complete Control with Capa Connect APP

The Capa Connect APP allows you to effortlessly control multiple heating products from a single, user-friendly interface.

Share access with family members and manage user permissions for ultimate control of your home's heating environment.

You can even lock/unlock controls to prevent unwanted temperature adjustments. Create personal heating schedules tailored to your lifestyle, ensuring maximum comfort and energy savings. The manual override feature lets you quickly adapt to unexpected departures or early returns.

Capa Connect automatically keeps your devices up to date via Wi-Fi connection. This ensures consistent, optimal performance for your home heating system.

Effortless Control at Your Fingertips

The Dimplex Alta low-profile Wi-Fi panel heaters design ensures efficiency and cost savings throughout. You can control your heating through the control panel, or through the APP from anywhere in the world.

Perfect for Smaller Spaces

The low-profile design of the Dimplex Alta makes it especially suitable for smaller spaces, such as under windows. This feature ensures that it doesn't intrude on your living or working area while providing efficient heating.

Digital Display

You can also utilise the digital display on the heater itself. This allows for quick and straightforward adjustments with its stylish digital display.

Versatile Modes

The heater comes with various modes including Away, Eco, Comfort, and Off. You can also adjust timer settings through your devices.

Multiple Heaters, One App

You can control multiple heaters in your house. You can adjust them to your preferences and change them from anywhere.

The app simplifies your heating control but also has the potential to significantly reduce your energy expenditure and costs. Discover how the Capa Connect App works and how it can transform your heating management.

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Easy Installation of the Dimplex Panel Heater

Installing the DTD Alta is simple. It comes with an H-frame wall mounting bracket, plastic tilt strap, and a straightforward instruction manual. The package also includes a 1.3M fitted cable with 2-core for fused spur installation.

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Choosing the Right Dimplex Alta Low-Profile Panel Heater

Selecting the perfect electric panel heater is crucial to ensure it effectively warms your space without unnecessary expenses. Here's a guide to help you make the right choice from the Dimplex Alta range:

Consider Your Room Size

Begin by assessing the dimensions of your room. Choosing a heater that matches your room size is essential to achieve optimal heating efficiency.

Options in the Alta Range

  • For 5m² Rooms: DTD2R05, Dimplex Alta 500W, available in White
  • For 7m² Rooms: DTD2R07, Dimplex Alta 750W, available in White
  • For 10m² Rooms: DTD2R10, Dimplex Alta 1000W, available in White
  • For 12m² Rooms: DTD2R12, Dimplex Alta 1250W, available in White
  • For 12m²+ Rooms: DTD4R20, Dimplex Alta 2000W, available in White

Customise Your Heater

The Alta range offers decorative glass fronts. You need to purchase these separately for different designs. These allow you to change the exterior style of your heater to suit your decor preferences.

Dimplex Alta_Dimplex Alta specs.jpg

Key features & Technical Specifications of the Dimplex Alta Panel

  • Time and temperature settings
    The heater offers a range of modes along with a useful Child Lock feature for added safety.
  • Adaptive Start Technology:
    It learns from your heating usage patterns, preheating to suit your needs, and saving energy.
  • Open Window Detection:
    This feature prevents energy wastage by detecting open windows and adjusting heating accordingly.
  • Wi-Fi:
    It seamlessly interacts with the Capa Connect App, Taking away the need for external accessories.
  • Voice Control:
    You can control the heater through voice commands using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa, enhancing convenience.
  • Optimised Heat Circulation:
    The top outlet grille design ensures efficient heat circulation throughout your space.
  • Accurate Thermostat:
    Boasts the most accurate thermostat on the market, maintaining your desired temperature precisely.
  • Low Standby Power:
    It consumes a mere 0.5W of standby power, contributing to energy savings.
  • Timer:
    The timer allows for up to 7 adjustments a day, offering flexibility in your heating schedule.
  • User-Friendly:
    Easy setup and intuitive operation make it hassle-free to use.
  • Suitable for Various Spaces:
    Whether for domestic or commercial spaces, the Dimplex DTD2R12 fits right in.
  • Splash-Proof Design:
    With an IP24 rating, it's splash-proof for additional safety.
  • Sleek Finish:
    It comes in a traffic white finish, complementing various decor styles.
  • Warranty:
    Covered by a 2-Year Guarantee, extendable to 3 years with registration.