ThermoSphere is a British-based manufacturer and they've been designing electric heating systems since 1998. by combining their expertise in electric heating and their drive for technological innovation, they deliver a range of smart and energy-efficient heating systems which helps transform living spaces that are naturally better by design.

Thermosphere underfloor heating


ThermoSphere underfloor heating involves the installation of a system of heating cable into the build up of a floor. It's suitable for any room and any floor finish (depending on what type of system you choose).

Just like wet underfloor heating systems, electric systems warm the room from the ground up by heating the floor which produces radiant heat. Think of your floor as one giant radiator.

Why choose Electric ThermoSphere underfloor heating?


Electric heating is a cleaner and environmentally friendly way to heat your home. But there are so many more advantages too. Here's a few more to get you warmed up.

Thermosphere_100 Efficient.jpg

100% efficient
Every pound you spend running the system is converted to heat, right where it is needed.

Thermosphere_Heats up quicky.jpg

Heats up quickly
On average, it only takes between 20 to 30 minutes to heat the room to the desired temperature.

Thermosphere_Easy to install.jpg

Easy to install
Any competent DIYer can install it. But you must get a Part P registered electrician to connect it to the mains.

Thermosphere_Conserve energy.jpg

Conserve energy
By creating heating zones you’ll conserve energy because you are only heating up the room you want.

Thermosphere_Design freedom.jpg

Design freedom
With no radiators on walls, there’s no limits on where you can place furniture which gives you more design freedom.

Thermosphere_low maintenance.jpg

Low maintenance
When installed correctly, electric underfloor heating requires zero maintenance.

What electric ThermoSphere underfloor heating system should you choose?

There are different types of electric underfloor heating systems. Some are more suited to certain floor finishes than others. For example ThermoSphere Membrane is ideal for tile or stone floors in bathrooms. Discover what's best for your project.

Designed and made in Great Britain, ThermoSphere Mesh is perfect for tile or stone floors. Use under wood and vinyl floors with the right self leveling compound.

A quick, easy, efficient and award-winning heating and decoupling system that's made for tile or stone floors. Waterproofing properties makes it ideal for wet rooms.

The award-winning underfloor heating system for wood, carpet or vinyl floor finishes. Superior safety features for complete peace of mind.

Screed Cable
Designed for installation within the screed layer of the floor and suitable for almost any floor finish. Ideal for any project where floor build up isn't limited.

The ThermoSphere warranty

All of the electric underfloor heating systems come with a comprehensive lifetime warranty. Unlike others, the warranty stays with the property and not the person. So, if you move, the electric underfloor heating system will be covered for the buyer too!


Underfloor heating Running costs

Calculate the running cost of your electric underfloor heating in any room within your home.

About ThermoSphere

As quintessentially British as a morning brew, their electric heating systems ooze the quality that you come to expect from a British manufacturer who's shaking up the heating industry.

The ThermoSphere team

Their people are fueled by enthusiasm and love for what they do and that's how they are able to create an atmosphere where they help their partners to grow, provide unconditional support for installers and bring the right solutions to projects. All of this is underpinned by their values of Continuous Growth, Relentless Drive and Considerate Attitude.

Thermosphere_Great manufacturing.jpg

Great manufacturing
Great British manufacturing, the range of electric heating oozes affordable quality, which is available next day.

Thermosphere_Superior support.jpg

Superior support
ThermoSphere is dedicated to great service. Which means total peace of mind for you and your customers.

Thermosphere_Mind blowing ideas.jpg

Mind-blowing ideas
From a thermostat you can set up in under 60 seconds to expertly solving heating design challenges in complex projects.

Thermosphere_Eco Friendly.jpg

Every time you buy, specify or install a ThermoSphere product you'll be positively contributing to securing a greener future.

ThermoSphere Gives back

ThermoSphere believe in giving back in giving back to the community and supporting those around them.

A charity close to their hearts is the Rapid Relief Team (RRT). They deliver hope and relief to people across the globe. Whether it be fire, flood or humanitarian need, RRT expands their support services to meet the crisis at hand.

ThermoSphere's environmental commitment

The environment is critically important not just for now, but for generations to come. That's why for every electric underfloor heating mat and thermostat combination that we sell, they plant a tree to help reforestation and secure a greener future.

ThermoSphere aim to reduce plastic waste at their headquarters by 50%, re-use or recycle 100% of their cardboard and improve energy efficiency with continued investment in cleaner technologies including LED lighting and electric vehicles.

ThermoSphere recognise and accept their responsibility to be a good steward of the environment and to help achieve a state of sustainable development. In support of these responsibilities, they have established the following commitments:

  • Provide electrical heating systems and products that offer minimal environmental impact whenever possible.
  • Comply with all applicable environmental legislation with an aim of exceeding compliance wherever practical and possible.
  • Prevention of pollution in all its forms
  • Conservation of natural resources, including energy, through resource reduction, reuse and recycling wherever practicable.
  • Conformance with Environment Agency licences
  • Continual environmental performance improvement through the involvement of all employees and the local communities.