Price (ex. VAT)
£0 £100

Number of Ways
Ingress Protection
10A 2mins to 1hr
240V 10A 2mins to 1hr
240V 16A
240V 16A 2mins to 2hrs
240V 6A 10sec-10min
6A 30secs to 30 mins
Detection Angle
360 Degrees
18 mm
27 mm
30 mm
42 mm
44 mm
55 mm
68 mm
70 mm
Delay Time
10sec to 10min
2min to 2hr
Current Rating
10 A
16 A
5 A
6 A
Signal White RAL 9003
Width (E F008808)
85 mm
Width (E F000008)
85 mm
UKCA Approved
Mounting (E F000003)
Material (E F001257)
Length (E F004265)
42 mm
85 mm
70 mm
85 mm
18 mm
27 mm
42 mm
96 mm
Ingress Protection (E F005474)
Finish (E F006569)
Diameter (mm)
77 mm
Detection Angle (E F004101)
360 Degrees
Depth (E F008810)
27 mm
Depth (E F000049)
42 mm
Current Rating (E F000227)
10 A
Connection Type (E F000124)
Colour (E F003882)
Colour (E F000007)
Signal White RAL 9003
4 uF

Elkay Energy Saving Switches and Controls

Elkay, a prominent division of Brook Design Hardware Ltd, has earned a global reputation for its extensive collection of Timers, Sensors, and Switches, each designed as an energy-saving device that integrates seamlessly into both modern and traditional settings.

Catalogue Code: 748304
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Catalogue Code: 408117744
£ 18 .17 ex VAT
£ 21 .80 inc VAT
£ 54 .67 ex VAT
£ 65 .60 inc VAT
£ 44 .05 ex VAT
£ 52 .86 inc VAT
£ 42 .85 ex VAT
£ 51 .42 inc VAT
£ 22 .71 ex VAT
£ 27 .26 inc VAT
Catalogue Code: 392489423
£ 60 .34 ex VAT
£ 72 .41 inc VAT
£ 53 .73 ex VAT
£ 64 .47 inc VAT
£ 53 .14 ex VAT
£ 63 .77 inc VAT
£ 34 .36 ex VAT
£ 41 .23 inc VAT
£ 37 .52 ex VAT
£ 45 .02 inc VAT
Catalogue Code: 392489410
£ 57 .42 ex VAT
£ 68 .90 inc VAT
£ 22 .58 ex VAT
£ 27 .10 inc VAT
Catalogue Code: 387138996
£ 7 .28 ex VAT
£ 8 .73 inc VAT
£ 39 .37 ex VAT
£ 47 .24 inc VAT
elkay_Energy Saving Switches and Controls.jpg

Elkay Product Range

Elkay's product range is meticulously designed to cater to the dynamic needs of energy conservation and automation, ensuring users can enjoy both convenience and sustainability.

The time settings on Elkay's devices are adjustable, allowing users to tailor their energy usage to their exact needs. Ceiling mounting options for sensors include manual lux settings for extra daylight savings, ensuring that even in well-lit conditions, energy is not wasted. These devices are equipped with an internal light sensor, which further automates energy saving by sensing sufficient ambient light and adjusting output accordingly.

elkay_Elkay Sensors.jpg

Elkay Sensors

Elkay's range of sensors is engineered to enhance both energy efficiency and convenience in various settings.

These cornerstone devices of modern, automated buildings are designed to intelligently manage lighting systems. Elkay motion sensors, for example, sense moving infrared energy and can determine whether an area is occupied, turning lights on or off based on presence or absence detected.

Elkay PIR Sensors

Elkay Microwave Sensors

Elkay's PIR sensors, often ceiling-mounted, are not only designed to detect infrared energy emitted by people but also feature a PIR timer unit, allowing for efficient energy management over set periods.

This functionality makes them ideal for controlling lighting in offices, corridors, and residential spaces, ensuring lights are used only as needed.

Microwave sensors by Elkay emit low-power microwave signals to sense movement, which is ideal for activating lighting systems. These sensors can detect motion through non-metallic objects and are suitable for high-sensitivity areas, providing reliable motion detection even in complex environments.

Elkay Ambient Sensors

Elkay's Ambient Light Sensors are designed with a focus on maximising natural light usage and minimising energy consumption.

These sensors come equipped with a manual lux feature for extra daylight saving control, allowing users to fine-tune the sensitivity of the sensors. This ensures that artificial lighting is only utilised when necessary, leveraging natural light to its fullest potential and offering significant energy savings.

By providing manual adjustments, Elkay empowers users to create a customized lighting environment that is both comfortable and cost-effective appliance for extra daylight saving control.

elkay_Elkay Switches.jpg


Elkay's switches, designed for durability and ease of use, offer simple yet effective control over lighting and power. These switches, which are designed to sense movement or ambient light, come in various styles to suit different preferences and can be quickly and easily installed.

Elkay Timer Switches

Elkay Touch Timers

Timers from Elkay add a layer of control and efficiency to electrical systems, allowing for time switches controllers that are adjustable to the user's needs.

These include sophisticated digital and programmable models, as well as switches that signify the final minute of countdown, alerting users to the impending switch-off. The time control is adjustable depending on needs.

Incorporating modern technology, Elkay's touch timers provide intuitive control over lighting systems with just a simple touch. These devices, efficient in their energy-saving capabilities, also serve as an appliance for extra daylight savings, reducing the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours.

Elkay Pneumatic Switches

Pneumatic switches by Elkay offer an energy-efficient solution to lighting control, operating through air pressure. These switches, known for their quick and easy installation, are highly durable and suitable for a variety of settings, including those requiring ventilation systems and contact control.

elkay_Elkay designed for you.jpg

Designed for easy installation and user experience

Elkay distinguishes itself within the electrical industry is its focus on easy installation and compatibility across a wide range of electrical systems.

Elkay designs its products with the end-user in mind, ensuring that their switches, timers, and sensors can be easily integrated into both existing and new installations without the need for extensive rewiring or specialised tools.

This ease of installation is a significant advantage for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts, as it simplifies the upgrade process to more energy-efficient and convenient control systems.

Furthermore, Elkay's dedication to customer support and education stands out. The company provides comprehensive guidance on the use and installation of its products through detailed manuals, instructional videos, and a responsive customer service team. This support ensures that users can maximise the functionality and benefits of their Elkay products, enhancing overall satisfaction.

elkay_Elkay company.jpg

About Elkay

Elkay, a key player in the UK's electrical industry, operates under the banner of Brook Design Hardware Ltd. The company has established a strong reputation for its innovative and reliable range of timers, sensors, and switches.

These products are designed with a keen focus on energy efficiency and user convenience, making Elkay a go-to brand for electrical solutions in both residential and commercial settings. The emphasis on innovation and quality has enabled Elkay to meet the evolving needs of its customers, ensuring both functionality and environmental sustainability. Each item is designed to be the smallest most discrete units to fit into any environment.

elkay_Elkay History.jpg


Elkay has shown a commitment to advancing the electrical sector with products that not only save energy but also enhance the ease of use. The company's portfolio, renowned for its breadth and depth, caters to a wide array of applications, ensuring that clients have access to the latest advancements in electrical control solutions.

By focusing on research and development, Elkay continues to lead in the creation of products that are both innovative and aligned with global energy-saving trends. This dedication to excellence and sustainability has cemented Elkay's position as a trusted name in the UK's electrical industry.