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Pylontech Battery

The US2000C series is a great choice for people who want to store energy at home. It has a standard size of 48 volts and can store up to 50 ampere-hours of energy. The battery can use up to 95% of its energy, and it comes with a warranty for 6,000 cycles of charging and discharging.

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Pylontech Battery storage solutions for the home

Pylontech is a leading provider of Pylontech batteries. This includes BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) technology and solutions. Pylontech specialies in the integration of electro chemistry, power electronics, and system integration.

Pylontech is one of the top suppliers of lithium battery storage globally with over 10 years experience.

Pylontech's Range of Energy Storage Solutions and Battery Options

Pylontech offers a diverse range of energy storage solutions to meet various needs. These solutions include:

Residential ESS

A Residential Energy Storage System, or RESS, is an energy storage solution designed to store energy at home. This system can store energy from green sources or from the grid during off-peak hours when electricity is cheaper. During peak hours when electricity is more expensive the RESS can use the stored energy to power the home. This can help reduce electricity bills and increase energy independence for homeowners.

Pylontech Micro-grids

Micro grids are typically used to provide power to a specific area or a group of customers. Pylontech's lithium-ion batteries can be built into microgrids. This can be used to store excess energy generated by sources such as solar panels or wind turbines. This stored energy can then be used when green sources are not producing enough power, or during peak periods.

Off-grid systems

Pylontech batteries can be built into off-grid systems by storing energy sourced by solar, wind and other generators. These systems can be "off-grid" with the power generated and used in a closed circuit environment.

Hybrid Solutions

Pylontech's batteries can be used in combination with other renewable energy. This can include wind turbines or hydro electric power to create hybrid renewable energy systems. This can provide a more stable and reliable source of energy, while minimising the environmental impact.

Frequency regulation

Pylontech's batteries can help to keep the electrical frequency in the required range and make the power grid more stable. To do this, the batteries adjust how much energy they store and release. This way, they can provide frequency regulation services to the grid.

Data center backup

Pylontech batteries can be built into a data center's unbroken power supply (UPS) system. These can provide backup power in the event of a power outage. The UPS system can be designed to switch to battery power when the main power supply is lost. This provides an unbroken power supply to the critical loads.

Renewable energy optimization.

Pylontech's lithium-ion batteries are helpful in making renewable energy systems work better. When solar panels or wind turbines make more energy than needed, the batteries store the extra energy.

Later, when there's high demand or not enough sunlight, the batteries release the stored energy. This way, renewable energy systems can work better and make the most of the energy they produce.

With these solutions, Pylontech is committed to delivering sustainable energy to its customers.

Pylontech US2000C Battery for Residential Energy Storage

Pylontech's US2000C series is designed for residential energy storage applications and features a standard 48V/50AH specification. This features up to 95% usable capacity, and a 6,000 cycle-life warranty.

The US2000C Pylontech battery series is a compact, dual active protection, and reliable solution for backup power needs.

Pylontech battery US2000C series is a trusted and reliable source of energy storage with over 4.5 GWh serving 500,000+ customers globally.

The Benefits of Pylontech Battery

Pylontech batteries are designed with reliability and safety in mind. With over 10 years of technology history and a focus on energy storage. Pylontech is committed to providing reliable and affordable energy storage solutions to customers around the world.

Industry leading performance and reliability

Pylontech batteries are equipped with a range of features that ensure reliability and performance.

Pylontech batteries have a modular design for quick installation, remote upgrade technology, and a vertically connected chain. The Pylontech battery is also designed with safety in mind, featuring dual active protection and a superior low failure rate.

Pylontech Battery US2000C series is also designed with flexibility in mind. They are designed to be modular and rack solutions for different demands. The US2000C series is a compact solution that can connect to other batteries. The US2000C also features 10 years of life, and a 10-year warranty.

Peak Shaving with Pylontech Battery

Peak shaving is a process of storing energy during low-peak times and using that energy during peak-times. This saves money that would have otherwise been spent on peak rates. Pylontech Battery US2000C BESS solution is designed to provide reliable peak shaving capabilities. This ensures that energy is always available when it's needed.

Electric independence is a key benefit of using Pylontech batteries for peak shaving. Solar generation being highest at midday and energy consumption being highest in the morning and evening.

The Pylontech battery US2000C BESS solution allows for electric independence. Additionally, it eliminates the need to rely on traditional energy sources during peak times.

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The Importance of Energy Storage

Energy storage is becoming more important as the world moves towards a more sustainable future.

The difference between energy generation and consumption highlights the need for efficient and reliable energy storage solutions. Pylontech is committed to helping this movement, with over a decade of experience.

Pylontech is a leading provider of BESS technology and solutions. They are committed to providing reliable and affordable energy storage to customers around the world.

The US2000C series is a small, twice active protection, and reliable solution for backup power needs.

Moreover, it is equipped with a range of features that ensure reliability and performance. These features make it a great choice for backup power needs.

Pylontech has over a decade of experience and is dedicated to creating a better future for all through innovation and collaboration.

Are Pylontech batteries any good?
Pylontech is a reputable brand in the energy storage industry, known for producing high-quality batteries for residential and commercial use. Their lithium-ion batteries are designed to provide reliable and efficient energy storage solutions for homes, businesses, and renewable energy systems.
Can you mix Pylontech batteries?
Yes, it is generally possible to mix Pylontech batteries of the same model and capacity. Pylontech batteries use a modular design, where multiple battery modules can be connected in series or parallel to create a larger battery bank. As long as the modules are of the same model and capacity, they should be compatible and able to work together. However, it is important to note that mixing batteries with different ages or states of health can lead to imbalanced performance and reduced overall capacity. It is also important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines and recommendations for connecting and configuring the batteries in a system to ensure safe and optimal operation.
How to connect Pylontech batteries?
Connecting Pylontech batteries will depend on the specific model and configuration of the batteries you are using. Please check the downloads section on your chosen model for the Pylontech battery user manual.
How to install Pylontech battery?
It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing and configuring Pylontech batteries to ensure safe and optimal operation. If you are not familiar with electrical installations, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a qualified electrician. Furthermore, you can find the installation documentation in the downloads section of your chosen product page.
Where are Pylontech batteries made?
Founded in 2009, Pylontech is a Chinese battery manufacturer and one of the world’s leading manufactures and suppliers of Energy Storage Systems (ESS). In 2013 began manufacturing Battery Energy Storage Systems to (BESS) to meet the demands of the lithium-ion battery market. In 2021 they became the first BESS company in China to pass the certificate of SII Earthquake Countermeasures from TUV Rheinland Japan. This was a significant achievement meaning that their battery storage systems are able to withstand earthquakes. They have also recently won the Top Storage brand in Italy and Spain.