MyEnergi is leading the way in developing and producing innovative eco-smart technology in the UK. Their latest innovations complex is situated in the Humber Freeport, which is the epicentre of green technology in the country. MyEnergy are trailblazers when it comes to electric vehicle (EV Chargers) and continue to develop eco-friendly and energy saving technologies.

MyEnergi - Zappi , Harvi, Eddi, & Libbi

MyEnergi is a British manufacturer that offers a range of innovative products designed to maximise the use of solar energy. Particularly in relation to electric vehicles. The MyEnergi Zappi EV charger was the world's first to work with both solar and wind energy. This has firmly established the company as a leader in this field.

The MyEnergi Harvi system helps homeowners to optimise your use of solar energy by monitoring your energy relationship with the grid. The MyEnergi Eddi solar power diverter helps to manage the use of solar energy produced. MyEnergi Libbi battery system adapts to the household's needs, stores electricity, and even serves as a blackout backup safety net. The MyEnergi hub and app allow users to remotely control and monitor your products from anywhere in the world.

MyEnergi Zappi

The MyEnergi Zappi EV Charger was the world's first charger to work with both solar and wind power.

This achievement has firmly established British manufacturing on the global platform. The Zappi charger utilises the very latest technology to keep Britain powered through the electric vehicle transition. Zappi is an EV charger made for both homes and businesses to charge electric vehicles. The Zappi EV charger can utilise solar, wind, and grid energy to keep you moving.

MyEnergi Harvi

The MyEnergi Harvi system plays a critical role in optimizing green energy usage. Harvi does this by providing energy consumption data to other MyEnergi products.

MyEnergy intelligent savings

Harvi monitors expensive energy that enters a property from the grid and the cheap energy that is generated from the home. Harvi then ensures that the surplus free energy is utilised. This allows the Harvi homeowners to maximize your use of solar energy.

MyEnergi Eddi

The MyEnergi Eddi solar power diverter is a device that is installed in a home. The Eddi is connected with a solar panel system to manage the use of the solar energy produced.

MyEnergi Diverter

The diverter redirects extra solar energy from the EV charger to power other electrical appliances like an immersion heater. This saves you money by utilising your excess energy within the home.

MyEnergi hub

The MyEnergi hub and app work together to remotely control and monitor your products from anywhere in the world. The hub also allows you to carry out remove firmware updates. This will keep your MyEnergi products equipped with all the latest features.

From April 4th and August 8th, 2022, the MyEnergi hub is not needed for newer versions of Zappi and Eddi models. You can check whether or not your systems include the Hub as standard by checking your model number.

MyEnergi Libbi

The MyEnergi Libbi is the latest innovation from MyEnergi. This new intelligent system promises to fast forward energy independence. The MyEnergi battery smartly adapts to the needs of your household depending on several factors.

Libbi will primarily store your electricity. Libbi does this rather than sending your energy to the grid for very little in return. By storing the surplus solar electricity, you can then divert to what you would like to power within your home.

MyEnergy Libbi can also charge from the grid when tariffs are at their lowest. This allows you to power your appliances when you need them most. Libbi can even serve you during a power-cut with her blackout backup safety net.