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MyEnergi Libbi

The modular battery storage system that adapts to your needs

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MyEnergi Libbi - The Smart Modular Battery Storage System

MyEnergi Libbi stores your electricity and provides you with control over how you use your stored energy.

Libbi seamlessly integrates with your existing MyEnergi devices. This allows you to optimize your energy usage and decrease your dependency on the electricity grid.

Modular Design for Flexible Storage Capacity

One of the standout features of MyEnergi Libbi is its modular design. Each MyEnergi Libbi battery storage module can store up to 5kWh of electricity.

By combining multiple modules together, you can easily customize your storage capacity to suit your needs. Four modules can provide up to 20kWh of storage. This ensures you have ample power reserves when you need them most.

Ultimate Control over Your Stored Energy

Libbi is not just a battery storage system; it's eco-smart. It makes intelligent decisions about when to provide and store electricity based on your energy usage, solar generation, and electricity tariff. With Libbi, you gain control in three key ways:

  1. Control: You can manage your surplus self-generated electricity, reducing your reliance on the grid.
  2. Optimize: Libbi helps you identify the best time to capture grid electricity at its cheapest. Your time of use tariff determines this calculation.
  3. Integrate: Libbi seamlessly integrates with your MyEnergi devices. This allows you to prioritise stored electricity to power your home. Furthermore you can charge your electric vehicle (EV), or heat your hot water using the Eddi or Zappi devices.

Intelligent and Connected for Effortless Operation

Libbi's intelligence extends beyond its storage capacity. It seamlessly connects to your existing MyEnergi devices. This allows it to make intelligent decisions about when to charge or drain the battery.

Libbi bases these decisions on your usage patterns, tariffs, and self generated electricity. Libbi works by performing five core functions to enhance your energy management:

  1. Maximize Your Solar Generation. Store excess solar electricity generated during the day and use it in the evening, especially during expensive peak periods.
  2. If you don't have solar panels, you can still benefit from MyEnergi battery Libbi. Charge it using cheaper overnight electricity tariffs and use the stored electricity during more expensive periods, saving you money. You can always add solar panels to your battery storage system later. Or you can continue using the option to charge solely from the grid.
  3. Personalized Priorities: Take ultimate control by setting priorities in the MyEnergi app. Determine when and how Libbi charges and drains to meet your specific needs.
  4. Optional Blackout Backup: Libbi offers a blackout backup feature, ensuring you maintain power to a dedicated circuit during a power outage.
  5. Device Priority. The MyEnergi app gives you control over how you use the stored energy. Libbi will only drain power when you explicitly instruct it to.

Manage, Maximize, and Monitor with Ease

To streamline your energy management experience, MyEnergi provides the MyEnergi app, which seamlessly connects to all your MyEnergi products, including Libbi. With the app, you have full control and access to your energy usage and storage from anywhere in the world.

Monitor your battery's state of charge, choose where your stored power goes within your home, and much more—all in one convenient place.

Customize Your Home Battery System

With Libbi, you have the flexibility to build your own custom battery storage system. Each 5kWh battery storage module holds enough electricity to power various devices and appliances in your home. Libbi's modular design allows you to select the ideal configuration for your energy needs.

Designed for Your Home Ecosystem

Libbi specifically works with your other MyEnergi devices. This creates a cohesive home energy ecosystem. By using the Libbi app, you can actively choose where your stored energy is diverted.

For example you can whether it's for home consumption, EV chargers such as the Zappi, or heating your hot water. Libbi seamlessly integrates into your existing setup, empowering you to make informed decisions about your energy usage.

Multiple Charging Options

Libbi gives you the freedom to choose your charging sources. You can charge from solar PV, the electricity grid, or a combination of both. When using the grid, Libbi optimizes based on your time-of-use tariff. This helps you save money by charging during off-peak hours.

Remote Access for Peace of Mind

The MyEnergi app provides remote access and a Libbi controller for your Libbi battery storage system. The app offers live displays and graphs, making it simple to monitor your imported and exported electricity. This helps you effortlessly track your energy usage.

Long-lasting Performance with Warranty Support

At TradeSparky, we stand behind the quality and durability of the products we offer. Libbi comes with an industry-standard warranty.

This includes a 10-year warranty on the battery and 5 years on the inverter and controller.

Their excellent technical support team is also available to assist you with any questions or queries you may have. To take full advantage of the warranty support, make sure to register your battery storage system at

Installation and Compatibility

Installing Libbi is easy and straightforward. On average, it takes less than a day to install the battery storage system. If you're also installing solar panels along with Libbi, it may take up to 2 days, depending on the complexity.

You can install the Libbi system indoors or outdoors. However, you need to install the controller indoors. During the initial survey, your certified installation partners will help you determine the optimal location for your Libbi.

Tailored to Your Home's Energy Requirements

A certified installation partners will assess your electricity requirements, existing solar panel system size, and home size. This calculation considers factors such as average household electricity usage, typically ranging from 8kWh to 10kWh per day in the UK. Based on these factors, installers will determine the Libbi system size that suits your needs. This will enable you to store excess solar electricity or cheaper grid energy.

Support for Wind Turbines and 3-Phase Supply

Libbi goes beyond solar PV compatibility. It can also accommodate surplus electricity generation from independent wind turbines installed in your home.

When detecting surplus electricity, Libbi ensures it is either stored for future use or used to power other devices. They can power devices such as Zappi and Eddi, based on your charging preferences.

You have the option to install Libbi on one phase of your 3 phase supply. Libbi has the potential to install up to three units—one on each phase. Furthermore, a 3-phase version of Libbi will be available in the near future.

Feed-in Tariff Considerations

It's important to inform your FiT licensee if you receive feed-in tariff payments for the electricity generated by your solar PV. This is typically your electricity supplier. Our qualified MyEnergi installers will provide guidance on how to handle this process, ensuring a smooth transition to Libbi.

Blackout Back up Instantly for Uninterrupted Power

Libbi offers an optional blackout backup feature, providing power to a dedicated circuit or socket during a power outage.

You can have peace of mind knowing that essential devices and appliances will remain operational, even during unforeseen interruptions.

MyEnergi Libbi Price

The MyEnergi Libbi cost depends on the model required for your specific needs. You can view the MyEnergi Libbi battery price on the product pages for the Libbi 3.68kw hybrid inverter and the 5kW inverter.

What is the myenergi libbi?

The myenergi libbi is a state-of-the-art home battery storage system that harnesses the power of renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, to provide reliable, clean, and cost-effective power for your home. With this system, you can store excess energy generated from your renewable sources during the day, and then use it during the evening or when your renewable sources aren't producing energy. This allows you to maximize your use of renewable energy, reduce your reliance on the grid and significantly cut down your energy bills. Additionally, the myenergi libbi is known for its sleek design, high efficiency, and durability, making it a smart investment for any eco-conscious homeowner.

Who makes the Libbi battery?

The Libbi battery is manufactured by myenergi, a leading company in the renewable energy sector. Established in the United Kingdom, myenergi prides itself on developing innovative and sustainable solutions aimed at making green energy more accessible and efficient. They are committed to creating products, like the Libbi battery, that help consumers reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a sustainable future.

Where are myenergi libbi batteries made?

The myenergi libbi batteries are made in the United Kingdom. The company is deeply rooted in its commitment to local manufacturing, believing that it not only ensures high-quality production standards but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with shipping products from overseas. Being made in the UK also means that myenergi can closely oversee the manufacturing process, ensuring each Libbi battery meets their stringent quality and performance standards.

What are the myenergi libbi dimensions?

The myenergi libbi, a cutting-edge home battery storage system, is designed with a compact structure to effortlessly fit into any home setup. Although specific dimensions may vary, the general size of such systems is designed to be unobtrusive and easily installed in a variety of settings within a home, ensuring that you can make the most of your renewable energy without sacrificing space or aesthetics. Please consult the official myenergi documentation on the myenergi libbi product pages.

Where can I find the myenergi libbi datasheet?

The myenergi libbi datasheet provides detailed specifications about the home battery storage system. These specifications typically include key aspects such as power capacity, dimensions, weight, operational temperature range, efficiency rate, and more. For accurate and detailed information, it's always best to consult the official myenergi libbi datasheet, available on the myenergi product page. This datasheet will provide you with all the necessary information to understand the product's operation, benefits, and installation requirements.

What are the myenergi libbi prices?

The cost of the myenergi libbi can vary depending on a range of factors, such as the specific model, the capacity of the system, and any additional installation or maintenance services provided by the supplier. As with all renewable energy solutions, it's important to consider the long-term savings that the myenergi libbi can provide in terms of reduced energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. For the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, please visit choose your model of Libbi above.